A Superior Court Magistrate issued an arrest warrant for Ivan James on February 21, 2018. James is the primary suspect for the shooting in the double homicide at the St. Croix, Coliseum Cockpit in Estate Glynn, on Saturday February 17, 2018. James is being charged for;

Murder in the 1st degree, Unauthorized possession of a firearm during a commission of violence, Assault in the 1st degree, Possession of ammunition, Assault 3rd degree, discharging of a firearm and Reckless Endangerment 1st degree.

Ivan James 34-years-old height 5’9”, weight 180 lbs., resides in Estate La Grange, Frederiksted.

The VIPD is strongly emphasizing anyone harboring James or any individual wanted by law Enforcement Agencies will be arrested and charged for Aiding and abetting and, Obstructing, Delaying or Interfering with officers discharging their duties.

James bail is set at $1,000,000.

Malachi Benjamin still remains a person of interest.

Malachi Benjamin- 23-year-old height 6’3”, weight 190 lbs., resides in Frederiksted and frequents the Whim area.

If you come in contact with Ivan James or anyone wanted by the VIPD please call the Criminal Investigation Bureau at 340 778 2211 ext. 6176 or 6092, Crime Stoppers VI at 1 800 222 TIPS or 911.