Crime Stoppers is asking the community to help the VIPD solve several crimes throughout the territory. Your anonymous information can earn you a reward of up to $2,500.00 in cash.


About Our Program

Crime Stoppers is an organization of community volunteers. They process tips from people who have information to report about a crime or criminal activity, but do not want to be identified.

The Crime Stoppers 1-800-222-TIPS phone line allows citizens to assist police and federal agencies in the apprehension of criminals, recovery of stolen property, seizure of drugs and weapons, without ever having to identify themselves in court..

Crime Stoppers is not run by the police.  In fact, Crime Stoppers volunteers cannot be currently employed by any law enforcement agency.  It is private citizens like you, from all three of our islands, who serve on the committees and as Trustees of the organization. Together, these community volunteers keep our programs running effectively.

Mission Statement

Help solve crimes, recover stolen property and get criminals, drugs and illegal guns off of our streets.

Develop a greater awareness of local crime and a willingness within the community to push back against crime on our islands.

Improve relationships and communication between the community, the media and the police.

Become a significant deterrent to crime here in the USVI.